Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

It was around 11:30pm on a Tuesday not too long ago, when after an extended day at the office, I find myself driving back home. All of a sudden I begin to feel something inside of me, and no I’m not trying to be spiritual, actually it was my stomach growling. It had totally slipped my mind, that due to my focus on work I had skipped lunch and dinner, and I was now very hungry. For the next moments I’m contemplating the idea if I rather go home and reheat leftovers or just go the nearest burger place and grab a bite. I decide to pass up my street and drive towards Whataburger. (Don’t judge me, lol)

Thankfully that burger chain is 24 hours open and because it was so late I didn’t have to wait long to get and start enjoying my food. A few minutes later I noticed a young man in blue jean shorts and a white muscle t-shirt enter and begin ordering. And when it came time for him to pay, I noticed he reached to his back pocket and then his front pocket and he couldn’t find his wallet. While this is happening, I’m not able to hear a single word what he and the lady across the counter are saying to each but just by observing them, I’m connecting the dots in my head. He then pulls out his cell phone and signals to the lady that he is going to make a phone call and he steps outside to talk. Right when he walks out, I again begin to feel something inside of me, and this time it wasn’t hunger but rather the Spirit of God leading me to get up and pay for this guy’s food.  

Honestly, at first I tried to not pay attention to what I was feeling. Reasons began to race through my mind about why I wasn’t able to and why I shouldn’t pay. I didn’t know this guy, I don’t know how much he had ordered, but I eventually gave up fighting and was obedient. I hadn’t even finished my food yet but choose to take advantage of the guy being outside to pay now discreetly. As soon as I paid I mentioned to the cashier not to tell him I had paid for him I wanted it to be a surprise. I asked for my food to go and began walking to my car, the whole while I can still see him on the phone. In my car I wait for a couple of seconds to see if he ever went back inside (no I’m not a stalker), when all of a sudden a car pulls up next to him. I’m expecting for someone to roll down their window and hand him some cash but the surprise was on me when I saw him get into the car and began driving off.

I was in shock. How was God going to allow this? I had just paid and he didn’t even go back inside to get his food. I’m not sure what rose up on the inside of me (and I warn you please don’t try this at home) but I chose to follow him in my car. Again please don’t do this and much less in the middle of the night, but I really wanted him to get his food. I tried flashing my lights, that didn’t stop him. I tried honking, that didn’t stop him either. But I was able to get his attention when he had to stop at the next red light.

And the following is a short version of our conversation that night.

Me: “Excuse me.”


Me: (with shaky voice) “Hi, you don’t know me but I was at the Whataburger you just left. I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t pick up your food and I just wanted to let you know your food is waiting for you.”

Him: “But I didn’t pay for it.”

Me: “Ya but I think someone paid for you.”

He stayed looking at me for a few seconds and then said: “You paid for it didn’t you?”

Me: (hesitantly) “Yea.”

When I said that I noticed his attitude and tone of voice changed towards me. And I too felt relieved.

Him: “Why did you do that?”

And it was there sitting at an intersection in La Joya, TX where I took the next few minutes telling him about why I did what I did and about my relationship with the Lord. After we said goodbye to each other, he made a U-turn to go back and pick up his food and I continued driving home with a smile on my face.

And it is in the front seat of my car where the Lord taught me a valuable lesson, which I want you to share with you now.

Many times when God calls us to do something or take a stand for Him, it’s going to be outside of our comfort zone. If He calls us to do something that’s in our reach and resources and we can accomplish it without Him, it won’t really require faith. But if what He is calling us to do is bigger than us and we can’t do it alone, we are going to have to rely on Him in faith.

And when we study the Bible all the examples of men and women who did something great for God; we can see that it took both faith and them stepping out of their comfort zone.

It was with faith in God that Jocabed was able to place her son in a basket and into a river to save his life; it was faith in God that Moses raised his staff and parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross; and it is with faith in God that you and I will also be able to do what God calls us to do.

I am convinced that it’s time for us to be comfortable with being uncomfortable for God.

Was I kinda hesitant and fearful in following this guy and talking him, you better believe it. Was I out of my comfort zone while I did it, you better believe it. Did I learn something that day that I’ll never forget, you better believe it.

Friend, I encourage and challenge you today to do what God has called you to do, even if it’s outside your comfort zone, believing that He goes with you and make everything possible.