Quotes from the book: The Social Media Makeover by: Tisha Holman

  • If your business or organization is not playing competitively in the social media arena, then you’re leaving money on the table. 
  • Social media affords you access to a multitude of clients the average small business owner or organization would not usually be able to tap into.
  • It is estimated there are approximately 2.3 billion active users on social media. 
  • Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. (George Shaw)
  • You have to take an honest look at the type of content you are posting, how it is performing and whether or not it is yielding the desired results. 
  • Each social media platform has its own rules of engagement.
  • Conduct a social media audit. 
  • It is a must that you figure out who you are talking to on social media.
  • Attitude is everything; if you want to succeed above and beyond.
  • Have S.M.A.R.T. goals.
  • What differentiates your business or organization from others in your industry?
  • Having consistency in these areas gives you credibility, and will increase customer loyalty.
  • Content is king and consistency is key!
  • Developing a social media content calendar will be one of the best ways you can begin to organize your social media plan.
  • Document and develop standard operating procedures for your social media.
  • You do not have to have big money to be an effective business that leverages the power of social media to reach potential clients-just be strategic.
  • There should always be a “why” behind everything you post on social media.
  • you have to call your audience to some sort of action with every post.

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