Sermon Notes: Chosen Vessels and Frozen Oil by Pastor Steven Furtick (Inside Elevation 2018)

Passage: 2 Kings 4:1-7

-God’s ways look weird until it works.

-Inspiration is pulling, motivation is pushing.

-God is going to bless your exception.

-It’s not a formula it a flow.

-God specializes in deficits.

-Don’t be so quick to write off your oil.

-You can borrow the jars but you have to have your own oil.

-Don’t be so proud that you don’t borrow.

-The ministry you see  today was built on decisions made behind closed doors.

-Invest what you have in the close available people.

-Can you pour behind closed doors or do you have to have an audience?

-Keep it coming.

-You are the next jar.

-You can live off what’s left.

-The vessel doesn’t have to be perfect but in position.