Sermon Notes: Sell Out by Pastor Steven Furtick (Inside Elevation 2018)

Passage: Matthew 13:44-46

6 ways for people to buy into our vision:

1. Sell out to your STANDARD.

-Sometimes to attract people we lower our standards.

-What you attract them to is what you keep them with.

-Stick to the excellence God has called you to.

-Don’t label lazy leadership as Grace.

-Don’t ask God to bless basic.

-Tell others: You’re not bringing me down I’m taking you up.

-It’s not that I’m not patient, it’s that I’m not playing.

-Your standard is your protection.

2. Sell out to your STRATEGY.  

-How stupid must have it felt to borrow jars while in debt.

-You want me to do what? Silly stuff.

-We weren’t strategic, we were obedient.

-Stupid until it was successful.

-There’s a difference between miracle and mechanics.

-If it would have worked the first time you wouldn’t have appreciated it.

-God is asking us if we are willing to do it again. 

-The standard becomes the cycle.

3. Sell out to your STRENGTH.

-Can you celebrate your weaknesses?

-Don’t step out of position and miss your purpose.

-I’m good with what I don’t have.

-Ask people around you what strengths do you see in me?

-Greatest gift you can give a a compliment.

4. Sell out to SPHERE.

-What is the field God has called you to?

-Don’t run to different fields, the treasure is in you.

-I don’t always have control but I do have a choice.

-God honors you when you honor others.

5. Sell out to your SEASON.

-Don’t say one day when…

-You plow, God promotes.

-Process this season right or you will not have what you need for the next.

-You don’t need more authority but more responsibility.

-Grow what you have been given.

-Redefine success.

-God will give you the grace you need for your season.

-Study without a microphone. 

-This is the crushing season.

6. Sell out to your SACRIFICE.

- We are not doing a favor by serving Him.

- Lady poured out oil on Jesus feet; she called it worship others called it a waste.