Quotes from ARC Conference 2018

Daniel Floyd (@psdanielfloyd) - Life Point

-God will meet you at the level of your expectations. 

-Biggest struggles will always be inside you. 

-When in struggle: Submit, Stay, Serve.

-Can you serve someone’s dream while you still have one in your heart?

-The greatest anointing of your oil may come from the greatest struggle.


Chris Hodges (@pastorchrishodges)- Church of the Highlands

-You can’t reach your potential alone.

-Every pastor needs a pastor. 

-What every son needs: Acceptance, Affection, Affirmation.

-Develop the people around you: 

  1. See people as they could be not as they are.
  2. Say what you see. 
  3. Start a process to develop them.


7 on 7 (7 speakers with 7 minutes each)

-Authentic relationships are key.

-The kingdom requires collaboration.

-Unity creates a greater legacy.

-Competition and comparison kill together.

-Pain is not the absence of God.

-You are not just special but needed.

-It’s impossible to be in harmony with God’s people without being in tune with God.

-Church planting means digging.

-If you are going to do a greater thing you must have a great cling.

-You may not know the entire plan but I have you an assignment.


Terry Crist (@terrycrist)- Hillsong Phoenix

-Your culture must be intentional.

-What kind of church do you want to build?

-Consistently is under rated.

-Be the culture. Being it consistently is better than communicating frequency.

-Don’t create a sermon series to solve something a conversation can.

-How do you transfer and reproduce culture:

  1. Model it. Let others into your life. 
  2. Teach it. Explain why.
  3. Put language around it. Clear is better than clever.
  4. Express is through your story.
  5. Focus on honest and instant feedback. Say it with love and kindness then move beyond it.
  6. Welcome the input that improves your culture. Allow them to own it.


Miles McPherson (@milesmcpherson)- The Rock San Diego

-Elisha and Elijah principle: Stay with me and see what is possible.

-Kintsugi- Japan art form of broken pieces coming together to make a masterpiece.

-The enemy only gives you two options when talking about race, but God provides us a third option. 

-In-group bias means having preferential treatment for people like you.

-Don’t treat others different just because they are not like you.

  1. Rename everyone as your brother and sister.
  2. Give in-group love to your out-group.
  3. See my color. I am beautiful, end of story.
  4. Give me your heart. 

-We are one family.


Carl Lentz (@carllentz)- Hillsong New York

-If we can’t get along in the church, it’s foolish to think we will in the world.

-Proximity creates passion. Distance creates distortion.

-It’s not what they say about you. It’s who says what about you.

-Preach so people can get the message. Be simple.

-This season doesn't determine your entire story.

-Have you ever said: "I don’t have what it takes"? Welcome to finally being ready to be an effective minister.


John Gray (@realjohngray)- Redemption Church

-Lay down culture to pick up kingdom.

-Do more. Say less.

-Stop apologizing for the faith you choose to live by.

-You with all your imperfections is who God chose.

-The way you received Jesus is how you present him to others.

-If the house is on fire and the door is open, you don’t pray for an exit.

-The church has been too exclusive for the broken to come in.

-He best sermon is the life you live.

-Stop putting on spiritual hand sanitizer and touch everyone. Go after everyone. 

-You could have best practices and no presence (of Holy Spirit).

-When Jesus touches you everything changes.


Larry Osborne (@larryosborne)- North Coast Church & Sticky Teams

-Winning teams have winning players. Losing teams have gifted players.

-Better to have a void than the wrong person in leadership.

-Top 2 factors for success: Flexibility & People skills.

-Winning teams guard the gate. Losing team let’s anyone.

-How to guard the gate:

  1. Never ignore a lack of character because of abundance of giftedness. 
  2. Never ignore people skills because of Bible knowledge. 
  3. Winning teams make unity a priority. Losing teams make it an afterthought. If you have high turnover it will be hard to have impact. If you don’t develop friendship you won’t be able to handle crisis. 
  4. Willing team focus on mission. Losing teams focus on success. 
  5. Winning teams empower, losing teams focus of excellence and tenure. If you only let the best do the front you’re slowly dying. There always has to be room at the table for young eagles. Have a pipeline. Don’t clip eagles wings.


Micah Carter (@micahncarter)- Together Church

-Jesus grows the church. We grow the people.

-Build people that build people.

-How Jesus calls the first disciples:

  1. Invites them- recruits. Found common interest. Adding people to THE team, not YOUR team. Anyone God sends you you build them. They might not look like something special. We don’t recruit people to a job but a mission.
  2. Rally- here you impart culture. Paint the picture and picture of possibility. Share the why. Make is personal then practical. Repeat it often.
  3. Release. Most leaders don’t release because we think we lose it.

-Everything that is healthy grows.

-People duplicate what you celebrate.


Brian Houston (@brianchouston)- Hillsong Church Founder and Global Senior Pastor

-There is more. God can do anything.

-God can change pain into power.

-Your capacity for pain will determine your potential for growth.

-Just outlast your critics.

-Leadership is bleedership.


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