Chasing Skinny Rabbits

I'm currently reading reading a book titled: Chasing Skinny Rabbits by Dr. John Trent. It's about what leads you into emotional and spiritual exhaustion... and what can lead you out. 

You might be asking ok but what's a Skinny Rabbit. Thank you for asking, the book defines a Skinny Rabbit as anything that pulls you away from a path of purpose &  life and leads you into a forest of separation, exhaustion, and even (if you don't stop the chase) the death of a dream, relationship, or chance to reach God's best.

Each of us have a God given purpose, let's stop wasting time and focus on reaching our fullest potential. 

I'm not completely done with the book yet but it definitely has my attention. So far it has mentioned specific Skinny Rabbits that sometimes we're after, such as: wanting to be liked by everyone, having the perfect body, getting into debt just to live the nicer life, extreme perfectionism, delayed satisfaction, and many more. 

The tragedy is that  most of us won't realize we're pursing a Skinny Rabbit until it's too late- until we've lost precious months or even years in the chase.

Stop and ask yourself what's your motivation in life, what are you after, what do you feel God has called you to do, make adequate changes and live life to the fullest. 

Have an amazing day!